Virtual tour


Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka avenija 100A, Zagreb, Croatia


Virtual Tour Experience from the Hotel Antunović Zagreb

Welcome to the Antunović Hotel and Congress Centre, Zagreb unique interactive virtual tour experience.

Created to provide an entertaining and visually informative view of the hotel and its facilities, this unique interactive virtual tour features both customized audio and full scene animation. It is built for display on all major devices including computer desktop, tablet and smartphone. The user is able to view the tour in a number a ways:

A fully automated tour is available that lets the user sit back and watch without further interaction - Each scene is 'played' in a logical order with full animation and audio. Audio can be disabled if desired, but for the full experience is best left enabled. To stop the tour at any time click or tap anywhere on the screen.

Alternatively, the user can navigate to any scene using the menu controls at the bottom of the screen or by using any 'navigational hotspots' within a scene. If animation is enabled then the user can still watch each new scene 'play' without interaction.

With animation disabled, the user can interact fully with each scene and when navigating to any new location within the tour. Left mouse click and drag to change the scene view. Use the zoom control buttons, mouse scroll wheel or hand 'pinch' and 'stretch' gestures on touchscreens.

Information for each scene can be viewed by using the information button on the control bar. In the restaurant you may also find a food menu and wine list..

Hope you enjoy this tour and please visit our hotel in Zagreb and come and enjoy a unique experience..


Explanation of navigation toolbar icons:

HIDE / DISPLAY CONTROLS - Use for hiding all controls and menu bar - especially handy for small screen sizes.

SHOW / HIDE INFORMATION - Further information about the currently viewed scene.

ENTER / EXIT FULLSCREEN - Displays content in fullscreen mode. Pressing escape or using this button again returns to the standard display.

PLAY TOUR - Plays fully automated tour with scene animation of Hotel and Congress Center. Best experienced with audio. Full tour lasts around 20 minutes.

PLAY SCENE ANIMATION - With animation enabled the currently viewed scene is animated. Best experienced with audio also selected.

PLAY / STOP AUDIO - Customized audio for the scene or tour. On some devices such as Apple iPad/iPhone audio is initially disabled by default.

DISABLE / ENABLE ANIMATION - With animation disabled, the user can navigate and then control the scene using the left mouse button and dragging or finger control for touchscreen..

CHANGE CONTROL MODE - Gives the user two methods of controlling how the scene reacts to mouse or finger movements.

HIDE / SHOW HOTSPOTS - View the scenes with or without navigational hotspots. Hotspots are automatically hidden during any scene animation.

ZOOM OUT - Gives a wider view of the current scene. Also controlled using the mouse scroll wheel or 'stretch' gesture on touchscreen.

ZOOM IN - Gives a narrow, magnified view of the current scene. Also controlled using the mouse scroll wheel or 'pinch' gesture on touchscreen.